Buying My “First” House and Living “Alone” at Age 44

Other than my college dormitory rooms, I never lived alone; by myself. And one could argue that despite the fact I had my own dorm room, living in the residence halls is hardly living alone. My senior year of college, I shared an apartment close to the San Diego State campus with Heather. For two […]

Lessons from Oz: Dreams, Friendship and the Power of “Home”

This week’s writing prompt in one of my Facebook groups featured this photo from “The Wizard of Oz” where Dorothy wakes up from her journey to Oz; realizing it was all a dream. The writing challenge was to imagine yourself in this situation — you wake up tomorrow and find the entire COVID-19 pandemic to […]

How I De-cluttered My Life in the New Year

I like simplicity. I’m not the type of person who needs tons of stuff and things in my life. Clutter makes me feel anxious. And I’m not just talking about physical clutter; mental clutter is also a big anxiety-provoker for me. So when the calendar changed to 2014, I decided to take time to de-clutter […]

My Childhood Bedroom

The following is a free-write exercise from a prompt entitled, “my childhood bedroom,” which was part of a writing workshop I took at The Writing Pad in Los Angeles. If you live in the Southern California region, I HIGHLY recommend checking out The Writing Pad. I’ve taken several classes there and they do not disappoint. […]

Farewell Summer … Welcome Fall

“Summer isn’t measured so much by the calendar as it is by the weightless days you move through.” — Susan Okaty, Coming East Here in San Diego, it feels strange to be saying good bye to summer when the weather stays fairly warm and (dare I say) sunny through a good part of November. But […]

Where is YOUR Safe Spot?

I’ve been noticing an interesting phenomenon with my cats lately. They seem to enjoy hiding out in my bathroom cabinet. I’m not sure why they enjoy this dark spot, surrounded by boxes of Sinus Rinse packets and tampons. But they seem to love it, sometimes staying for hours on end. As I was laughing at […]

Summer Time

Today is Memorial Day: the traditional kick-off of summer. So with that, and only four days of school remaining, here’s what our summer looks like. What will you be doing this summer?

Treasure Hunting

One of my favorite activities is finding hidden treasures at Goodwill Stores. This may seem like a strange activity, but it is so much fun! I have found countless books to read, artwork, picture frames, and kitchen decor, just to name a few. It’s amazing the very inexpensive items you can find that are unique […]

Scene Around April

Around our garden… Our first sunflower of the season… The reason birds don’t frequent Sophie’s birdhouse… Backyard chalk drawing (in jammies)… Sophie wrote the letters herself. Okay, so she forgot the “H.” Our first trip to Sprinkles Cupcakes. I could not get over the smell of this cupcake! It smelled like a scratch-and-sniff sticker. Look at […]