Let me apologize for being MIA for more than a week. Between work, Sophie and my new addiction to Homeland (why didn’t I discover this show earlier?!), life’s been crazy! But I’m back … and with a recipe. A delicious and super easy recipe, if you ask me!

I decided to try my hand at cooking a whole chicken. From what I understand, they are far less expensive than buying a single package of chicken breasts. And I’ve always been somewhat scared of cooking a whole chicken or turkey in the oven. But you know me and the crockpot (my BFF). So I used a Weelicious recipe as inspiration and gave it a try.

All I did was put 2 cups of chicken broth in the crockpot. Then I added the whole chicken and sprinkled Kosher salt on the top of the chicken. And that was it! I put the lid on top and cooked it on low for about eight hours. The house smelled like Thanksgiving! And speaking of, whenever I am charged with cooking the Thanksgiving bird, I’m cooking it in the crockpot.

The meat was so tender and juicy! It literally fell off the bone. You can serve it straight from the crockpot with its natural gravy (because there was a lot of it). Or save it for shredded chicken recipes. I was hoping to have leftover to do just that. But between me, Bryan and Sophie, no leftovers were had!

Seriously folks, try this recipe! It was SO good!

And on a somber note, my crockpot broke! I’ll be getting a new one tomorrow.

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  1. It looks amazing and sure is easy. One of my kids is a vegan and now they’re using the crockpot every day– for some bean/lentil concoction. I haven’t used mine in ages- might have to try this. As far as cooking whole birds– which really is so easy- but you might want to try it on the grill- use a tin pan, covered grill- lots of recipes on line. It takes about half the time, and that’s how I do my turkeys now. Easy to clean up and delish.
    Re- Homeland– I was so glad when we finished watching – it made me so nervous and I didn’t sleep. Much happier watching Downton Abbey even if I’m finding season 3 not nearly as engaging.

  2. Yum! I just cooked 2 whole chickens yesterday in a turkey roasting bag — you read it right. Wash, pat dry and sprinkle liberally with Mrs. Dash and Kosher Salt/some course pepper. Poke a few holes in the bag and cook at 350 for 2 hours — moist chicken, lots of juices for gravy, easy cleanup and yep – the whole house smelled like Thanksgiving!! 🙂

    I will definitely try your crockpot tip AND I will pass it on to my son who is always looking for new recipes to try in his crockpot, too 🙂


  3. I LOVE this idea, Leah. We cook our holiday ham in the crock pot every year (8 hours – low) and get that same fall-apart goodness. I won’t cook a ham any other way. But a whole chicken … now THAT I’ve gotta try. Sounds wonderful. How big was your chicken, by the way?

    Glad to see you back, though you’ve got nothing on me, being absent only one week. I finally posted today and realize it’s been a month (I was under an intense editing deadline).

  4. Oh Leah, how I wish I had a crock pot! I see so many great recipes, this one included, for crock pots and simply sigh. Unfortunately, I have not been successful in finding one in Europe. Methinks this is not something Europeans use and I hate that I can’t find one! Crock pots make life so much easier and cooking is a no brainer. Sigh. The shots of the chicken coming off the bone had me salivating! Yum! 🙂

  5. I do this a lot! It’s one of my go-to meals, especially in the winter. Sorry to hear about your crock pot… I hope your new one is glorious! What kind did you get? I asked for a new one for Christmas (mine isn’t broken, but it’s on its way there, and is kinda gross from getting so much use). Steve refused because he said he couldn’t get me a gift that required me to work for my family. It was a sweet thought, but… I really wanted a new crock pot! 🙂

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