It was one of those beautiful San Diego fall/winter days, where the sun was shining brightly and the air was crisp, cool, and the wind blowing overhead. Sophie and I decided to enjoy the day by going on a hunt for pine cones. There are several towering pine trees lining our streets that lead to the neighborhood park. Armed with a large basket and camera, Sophie and I took off of find pine cones and have some fun enjoying nature.

While on our quest for cones, we found a big pile of crunchy fall leaves. Naturally, you can’t pass up a leaf-stomping opportunity.

Then we got down to the serious business of finding pine cones.

I loved this cute baby tree trying to emerge from the ground.

I suppose you’re wondering what we did with all these pine cones? I saw this neat idea on Pinterest for using pine cones as easy home decor. So with our collection of cones and holiday ribbon, Sophie and I began stringing pine cones.

Sophie took this picture of me. I cropped it slightly, but I really like her creative use of the camera.

Here are the pine cones with pretty ribbons attached.

We hung them on our front door. I tied them in different lengths to a plastic hanger. Then attached the hanger to the already-existing nail on the door.

Not bad for a Sunday adventure in pine cone hunting and DIY home decor!

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  1. That pine cone decoration is beautiful!! Believe it or not I’m envious — I live near so many woods yet I rarely see pine cones! I’m not sure why…. probably because I usually don’t seek them out. But I was just thinking yesterday that I need to find some! What a fun thing to do with Sophie!

  2. Such a cute idea and fun activitiy — I really like the wreath on your door as well. JB and I just bought pine cones for a centerpiece for our table. I guess we could have been fun and actually went out looking for them πŸ™‚

  3. Leah, this brings back such fond memories of when my kids were little. We’d go out pine cone hunting, too, and the kids would sit for hours stringing them and then covering them with glitter and fun shiny decorations to make their own Christmas ornaments. My favorite Christmas tree decorations are still all the homemade ones my kids made over the years! Love your door decoration idea – so clever!

  4. Leah, you are so creative. I’m not sure if the ornament is prettier or if your photos are.. You’ve inspired me. I doubt I will be hunting for pine cones but the idea of yours have given me an idea for a poem. As ever, your girl is too cute for words.

  5. Awesome idea Leah and Sophie and great hunting! I love the way you just let her be and are delighted with whatever she accomplishes. I would have had to have at least two green garbage bags picked and made a wreath for every room in the house – so silly when you think about it, it’s supposed to be FUN! You’re doing a wonderful job.

  6. Those look awesome on your door! My mom saw some pine cone thing on Pinterest too that she wants to do. Apparently we’re going to paint them..? I think you mom’s are just making these things up to have mother/daughter days πŸ˜‰

  7. The pinecones look amazing draped on the door…and your pictures are amazing! What a fun day! ….as always, Sophie is sweeter than sugar!

  8. Leah, can Sophy be any cuter! This is such a fun and easy idea! I love the finished product and how it makes the gingerbread man wreath even more festive. And I can’t help but notice how wonderful it must be to go searching for pine cones without wearing a coat. It’s freezing here. Roxy and I just came in from our evening walk and I swear, my fingers are like popsicles! πŸ™‚

  9. Fun day, Miss Crafty!

    P.S. You’re not going to believe this, but in addition to all our other coincidences, we have the same front door (only mine is painted green).

  10. You two are a great team. I know you both had a blast hunting pine cones and making the hanger. That’s such a great idea. It’s always fun to learn new crafts with Sophie and you. πŸ™‚

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