Welcoming Spring and Archiving the Memories and Music of Winter

I never appreciated spring until moving to Indiana and experiencing winter. In San Diego, the seasons are simply dates on a calendar and are indistinguishable from each other. But in the Midwest, spring feels like the reward for getting through winter. I’ve written before that January and February are not my favorite months. And while […]

Finding Joy in the Little Things in the Bleak Midwinter

Saturday, February 2, is the midpoint of winter, which means we’re halfway to spring. I don’t care much for January and February. And I’ve been struggling to find my zen this past month. Maybe it’s the inevitable let-down after the fall (my favorite season) or the uncertainty of the year ahead that can sometimes seem […]

2013: The Year in Photos

Thank you for reading Leah’s Thoughts and making 2013 an amazing year! See you in 2014!   

10 on 10: December 2013

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month to show the beauty in a regular day. December 10, 2013 Walking to school on a chilly San Diego morning. We pass this tree every day on our walk to and from school. I love the ornaments hanging from the tree — very SoCal. I dressed […]

Wordless Wednesday: November in Photos

Fall foliage … Sleepy animals … Sophie’s 5th birthday … Authors I met … Lisa Klug Peggy Orenstein … Vanessa Diffenbaugh … So many books, so little time … Ready for winter … Random … Okay, one from October …