The Bitter and Sweet of Mother’s Day

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day, the holiday to honor thy mother/spouse/sister/daughter. And while my Mother’s Day was nice, I’ve come to the conclusion that this holiday is not all it’s cracked up to be. Let me explain. Mother’s Day brings with it the expectation that us mothers will have a blissfully pleasant day. There […]

Starbucks … It Could be the Dream Job Afterall

I had a conversation with a colleague recently that led me to an epiphany. Said colleague and I were talking about one of my former jobs. Specifically she asked if I’d ever go back to that position. The answer came quicker than I expected, which was, “No. I would NOT go back.” I almost followed […]

Fall is in the Air

Okay, so the real start of the autumn season is September 23. But Labor Day Weekend is the unofficial end of summer. And since Starbucks rolled out pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin scones, I’d say we’re now officially in fall. So to me, once Labor Day passes (and Starbucks brings out the holiday fare), it’s […]



I am currently on Day 2 of not taking any over-the-counter pain medications (specifically, Excedrin). I must continue this regimen for the ten days leading up to my sinus surgery because I cannot have any aspirin or blood-thinning products in my system. This may not seem like a big deal. But to me, this challenge […]

No Subsitute for a Good Thing

Sometimes when you know what you want, you just can’t take chances with the unknown. I learned that this morning. I’m on vacation this week since Sophie’s daycare is closed (supposedly daycare providers need a vacation too). So I cleverly scheduled Sophie to attend her preschool summer camp for two days this week so I […]