A Yom Kippur Reflection: Forgiving Myself

In March 2019, I attended the Power of Narrative conference in Boston with my close friend, Ann marie. The time spent with her was not only wonderful for our friendship and for inspiring our writing, but the days served as a turning point for me. I spent the majority of that time talking to Ann […]

Elul and the End of Summer: The Bridge to a New Year

Today is 15 Elul, 5780. Wait, aren’t we in September, you ask? Yes, technically, today is September 4, 2020. But according to the Jewish calendar, we’re in the month of Elul. The Jewish calendar does not follow Western calendar dates because it’s based on the lunar cycle. That’s why Jewish holidays always fall on different […]

Back to School and Raising an (Almost) Teen in Unprecedented Times

This is not your typical back-to-school blog post. In September 1987, I started my seventh grade year in middle school. My biggest worry was whether I’d be able to handle being placed in GATE classes (gifted and talented education, GT, advanced classes, as they’re called). Spoiler alert: I did well in nearly all the subjects; […]