The Summer List: How Did We Do?

Since we’re now officially into the fall season, I decided to close out summer and show you the outcome of our 2012 Summer List. Here was our list when school ended in June. As you can see, we didn’t accomplish everything and we made a few adjustments. Overall it was a great summer! Here are […]

Happy New Year … And Calling In Sick

Today is Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. I planned my work schedule so I would not do work today. Instead we would celebrate the new year and attend services. I actually love the Rosh Hashanah service and blowing of the shofar. I look forward to it every year. Well after feeling under the weather […]

What Does That Song Mean?: Explaining 9/11 to Children

Sophie and I love music. We’re always listening to different genres and artists – from country to classical – usually in the car. My inquisitive backseat driver has the habit of asking me, “What is she signing about?” Or “What does he mean when he sings that?” Or one of my personal favorites of late, “Who […]

Back to School for Sophie

Today was Sophie’s first day of school, but this time as a Junior Kindergartener! She’s at the same preschool. But Junior-K means longer days, more structure and independent work. This will be a great transition to next year when my little girl starts kindergarten. The last few weeks have been filled with back-to-school shopping, getting […]