Summer Time

Today is Memorial Day: the traditional kick-off of summer. So with that, and only four days of school remaining, here’s what our summer looks like. What will you be doing this summer?

Scrapbooking Accomplished: 4th of July Style

While on vacation last week, I made a significant dent on my 4th of July scrapbook project. This was something on my summer “to do” list; actually it’s been on my “to do” list for five years. Here’s a sampling of the layouts. When I conceived of this scrapbook project, I collected all the 4th […]

The Rewards of Choosing Quality Time

Today was a lesson in quality time, another family milestone, and accomplishments. Let me start by explaining the genesis of today. San Diego has had very unusual weather this past week (well, unusual for us). Pouring rain, thunder, hail, crazy strong winds, tornado warnings, power outages – and that was before Friday! We San Diegans […]