Through the Eyes of a 6-Year-Old

One thing I love to do is strap a leash on Casey and take her and Sophie for a walk. We live in a nice residential neighborhood that’s within walking distance to Sophie’s school and two parks. While Sophie loves the park, she’s not always wild about the idea of walking to it. So I try […]

The Joy of Pine Cones

It was one of those beautiful San Diego fall/winter days, where the sun was shining brightly and the air was crisp, cool, and the wind blowing overhead. Sophie and I decided to enjoy the day by going on a hunt for pine cones. There are several towering pine trees lining our streets that lead to […]

Summer Time

Today is Memorial Day: the traditional kick-off of summer. So with that, and only four days of school remaining, here’s what our summer looks like. What will you be doing this summer?