Monday Musings ~ October 31

Happy Halloween! These cute wooden ghosts were outside The French Hen, a boutique, in Downtown Terre Haute. I need them for my porch. 1. Terre Haute takes its Halloween very seriously with not one, but TWO nights of trick or treating. And in actuality, tonight will be our third night of trick or treating. We […]

Religion, Politics and the Great Pumpkin

Recently Sophie came home from school and asked me an odd question. “Mom, is it true Hillary Clinton killed four people?” I asked her where she heard this statement. I mean, it’s not as if Sophie is a frequent viewer of Fox News or CNN, nor does she spend time perusing the Internet for news. […]

Monday Musings ~ October 17

Hello, Monday! 1. October in Indiana is beautiful! The leaves are turning gold and red, and the weather is cooler (especially the evenings). Fall has always been my favorite season, although  autumn in San Diego wasn’t much different than summer, spring and winter in San Diego. So now that I can experience a real fall […]

Are YOU an Author in Progress?

Back in January I told you one of my goals for 2016 is to work on my novel. I achieved this to some extent. I took a class and have the first and last chapters written. I also have several scenes sketched out and different pieces written here and there. But the reality is this: […]