October Photos: The “B” Sides

All the photos that didn’t make their way into October blog posts (and too good not to share). Backyard Frolicking … Apple Picking in Julian, Ca. with Theresa Weir, author of“The Orchard” … Finding Pumpkins and Gourds Around Town … Random Fun … Happy Halloween!

Candy Corn Confections

Candy corn — the classic symbol of Halloween! Every year I buy a bag or two of these traditional fall candies, if for nothing else than to display them at home and in the office. This year, however, I decided to put those candy corns to use in our own Halloween treat, as well as […]

DIY Halloween Costume … And Children’s Literacy?

Only eight days until trick-or-treating! Sophie continues to change her mind daily about her Halloween costume — Cinderella, a little witch, a ballerina … you never know what she’ll come up with next. Last year Sophie was Ladybug Girl, based on the Ladybug Girl children’s book series. I love this costume for many reasons. First, […]

Sophie’s Quest for the Pink Tent

Sophie was on a mission. During a Thursday afternoon trip to Target last month, she stumbled upon a pink playhouse tent. Upon seeing the little pink indoor house, Sophie’s mouth dropped in awe. She wanted that tent and nothing else. Thinking quickly, I told Sophie if she wanted to bring the tent home, she’d have […]

Pumpkin Harvest: The Results

As many of you know, we’ve been growing our own pumpkins in the backyard. It started with a trip to City Farmer’s Nursery for pumpkin seeds and a lesson in squash gardening, documented in Pumpkins in June?. We have tracked our pumpkins over the months with Pumpkin Progress in August and Farewell Summer … Welcome […]

Not Your Typical Pumpkin Muffins

Being as fall is in full-swing and pumpkins are surrounding us, I decided to break out the mixer and baking utensils for pumpkin muffins. But these are not your ordinary muffins (hence the title of this post). They are Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins. The recipe comes from Meg at Whatever (recipe is in the link). […]

What Am I Supposed to Learn?

Lately I’ve been struggling with something. There is something I’m supposed to learn. A lesson I’m being taught. Yet I’m struggling because I don’t know what I need to learn. It began the other night when I was lamenting to myself about three “problems” that have occurred of late. First there was the theft of […]

Six Years of Pumpkin Patch Visits

Every fall, we embark on our annual visit to the famous pumpkin patch at Bates Nut Farm. We take pictures, picnic, visit the farm animals and marvel at the pumpkins, then go home and decorate the house for Halloween. We made our trip to the pumpkin patch this past weekend. But before I share this […]

A “Real Life” Dark Fairytale: Writer Theresa Weir’s “The Orchard”

When most of us see brightly colored apples on the grocery shelves and at a farmer’s market stands, we think of this hallmark symbol of autumn, freshly baked pies, and picturesque orchards. But for Theresa Weir, she sees apples as a symbol of her long-ago dark days as a young bride on a dangerous apple […]