A Year – and a Decade – in Music

It’s that time of year when all the websites and publications are publishing their “best of” the year posts. I enjoy these posts, as it’s always great to get a “Reader’s Digest” version of the year’s best books, articles, songs, movies, and the like. I used to write year-end blog posts recapping my year in […]

My Mom, My Musical Foundation

This photo of me at 22-months old (not even 2 years) shows exactly how far back music has been in my life. According to my mom, I would ride that plastic horse and listen to John Denver records through headphones. (Who knew those large headphones and vinyl would be just as popular today as they […]

Welcoming Spring and Archiving the Memories and Music of Winter

I never appreciated spring until moving to Indiana and experiencing winter. In San Diego, the seasons are simply dates on a calendar and are indistinguishable from each other. But in the Midwest, spring feels like the reward for getting through winter. I’ve written before that January and February are not my favorite months. And while […]

A Tribute to My Dad Through the Songs of Harry Chapin

I’d venture to guess that, unless you’re a fan of 1970s folk music, you’ve probably never heard much about or listened to Harry Chapin. This folk singer-songwriter was known for his long musical “stories.” He was not an artist that frequented the radio much because most of his songs were too long for the dial. […]

Best of the Year: Read, Listen and Watch

I realize we’re nearly at the point where we need to stop posting “best of 2017” or “2017 recap” posts. But before we go too deep into January, I thought I’d share some of my favorite reads, listens and watches of last year. Technically, these are not 2017 specific; meaning not all my recommendations were […]

My Top 100 Favorite Songs and the Power of Music

I recently set out to create a list of my top 100 favorite songs. This was NOT an easy task. At first I thought, “100 songs? I can probably come up with maybe 50.” But as I began filling up the list, my thoughts changed to, “How the heck can I narrow it down to […]

Music, My Old Friend, and a Few Favorite Albums

Music is not something that I’ve written a lot about on this blog. Although it’s always ever-present in my life. Perhaps because various songs always accompany me on the road, at my desk or in movies, they are so integrated into daily life that I rarely give it a second thought. But so many singers, […]

Monday Musings ~ December 12

Happy Monday! How are you this second Monday in December? It snowed in Terre Haute last week. Not a huge amount like other parts of the country is getting, but enough to cover the ground and to see snowflakes. It was pretty exciting considering we’ve never lived in snow before. Everything looks so pretty right […]