Painting Rocks and Creating Little Moments That Matter

There’s a line of dialogue from the movie “20th Century Women” that struck me when I first heard it, and continues to stay with me today. Annette Bening says to a friend of her teenage son: “You get to see him out in the world, as a person. I never will.” I think about this […]

19 Life Goals from 19 Years Ago

As many of you know, I spent the better part of the summer sorting through everything in my house and packing up our belongings to move to Indiana. While the entire process itself was overwhelming to say the least, the hardest part for me was packing my home office. That was the room that — […]

Remembering September 11 ~ 15 Years Later

Every year on September 11, I take time to consciously remember what happened on the day that changed America forever. Here is my account of that day, part of which I originally wrote on September 11, 2010. It seemed like any ordinary day. Nothing was different. No phone calls to our condo. The alarm went […]

Packing a House, Enjoying the Moments and Making New Memories

The last several weeks have been spent going through my entire house — deciding what stays and what goes — in preparation for our upcoming move to Indiana. I’ve been sorting, purging and filling the trash can with fervor each week. The recycle bin is overflowing, and I’m as excited for the weekly garbage day […]

Daring to Imagine a Different Life

In You’ve Got Mail, Kathleen Kelly makes the difficult decision to close her beloved The Shop Around the Corner children’s bookstore. It’s a decision that, she notes, was not an easy one as the shop was such a large part of her life since she was a young girl. When she tells the older and […]

The Day the Apple Computer Changed My Life

“Mom, who exactly is Steve Jobs?” Sophie asked as we were watching the Golden Globe Awards. “He’s the man who invented Apple, ” I said. “All the computers, the iPhone, iPad … Steve Jobs came up with the first Apple computer and everything else followed.” This month marks 33 years since the Apple IIe home […]

Where Do You See Yourself in 10 Years?

We’ve all had to answer that question at some point in our lives. Nearly every job interview has some iteration of this inquiry. Yet this is really is not a question that can determine professional fit or personal values. Asking where one sees themselves in ten years is actually quite ridiculous because, truth be told, […]

The First Day of Kindergarten

We made it to kindergarten! Sophie had a fantastic first day and I managed to not shed any tears. Well, I didn’t shed any tears on the first day, but I was quite emotional the week leading up to yesterday. More than anything, I was just so excited for her to start this new phase […]

Back to School for Sophie

Today was Sophie’s first day of school, but this time as a Junior Kindergartener! She’s at the same preschool. But Junior-K means longer days, more structure and independent work. This will be a great transition to next year when my little girl starts kindergarten. The last few weeks have been filled with back-to-school shopping, getting […]