Being Brave Enough to Break My Own Heart

In March 2019, I went to the Power of Narrative conference in Boston with my close friend, Ann marie. She and I had been attending this conference for the last three years together and all year looked forward to those four days together to reconnect, talk, laugh, drink, eat, shop, write and think. But last […]

20 Years a College Graduate and the Road Taken

If you’d told me where I’d be 20 years after graduating college, I probably wouldn’t have believed it. Twenty years is a long time. It’s just under half my entire life’s existence. Yet here I am — 20 years to the month I graduated from San Diego State University. I’ve been thinking a lot about […]

Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Well, here we are again. Another school year has started and first day photos taken. We’re off to the races for another year of school. Technically, we’ve been racing for the last four weeks since Sophie started third grade at her new school in Indiana on August 9. Yep, August 9! It felt strange and […]

Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

In the fall of 1992, I was a senior in high school and the nation was consumed with a presidential election unlike any before. This was the year that featured an established sitting president (George H.W. Bush), a rogue third-party  candidate (H. Ross Perot), and a young Baby Boomer named Bill Clinton and his wife, […]

Welcome to 2nd Grade!

Sophie started second grade this week and I’m a bit in shock that I have a such a “grown up” kid! She has a teacher who has high energy, which Sophie will respond well to. She’s known to expect a lot of the kids, which I appreciate. And the kids in the class are a […]

Sophie’s Quest for the Pink Tent

Sophie was on a mission. During a Thursday afternoon trip to Target last month, she stumbled upon a pink playhouse tent. Upon seeing the little pink indoor house, Sophie’s mouth dropped in awe. She wanted that tent and nothing else. Thinking quickly, I told Sophie if she wanted to bring the tent home, she’d have […]

Rapunzel, Rapunzel … Time to Cut Your Hair

Well my friends, it was time. Time for Sophie to get her first major haircut. After nearly four years, it was time to trim Rapunzel’s golden curly locks for a cute summer cut (so what if summer’s nearly over). So I called in Auntie Kayli, the haircut guru. Kayli is my “baby” sister, ten years […]

Reflections of a College Graduate … 14 Years Later

I remember the day as if it were yesterday; when in fact, it was 14 years ago this weekend. It was a sunny, May day when I walked across the stage of the San Diego State University Open Air Theatre to receive my college diploma. The day was surreal. I was proud, excited, and overwhelmed, […]