A Coke Girl in a Pepsi World

I was at work the other day, walking to the office refrigerator to chill my Diet Coke. I opened the fridge door, placed my Diet Coke inside, and at that moment, I realized my silver and red soda can was sitting amongst a sea of Pepsi cans. (My workplace is a Pepsi-exclusive environment.) I am […]

Soup and a Goat Cheese Tart, Anyone?

I have two great recipes for you — Butternut Squash and Apple Soup and a Goat Cheese Tart. It is true that butternut squash is traditionally eaten in the fall. However, I was pleased to find a fresh, organic butternut squash in my recent Farmer’s Market bag from Specialty Produce. Butternut squash is delicious roasted, in risotto, and […]

What You Don’t Know About Me…

I’m an introvert and crave solitude. The West Wing is my favorite show, and Aaron Sorkin is my hero (except for the cocaine part). I lived in my college residence hall (aka dormitory) for three years. I don’t know how to change a tire. And I don’t care to learn (which is why I have […]

Spring Time (Weekly Photo Challenge)

Happy Spring from our garden in San Diego! Not from our garden, but still full of light, color and spring… I couldn’t resist posting this spring photo. I am in San Diego, afterall …

Purim Fun (aka March Madness)

Today brought the Jewish holiday of Purim — a kid-friendly religious holiday filled with Hamentashen cookies, dress-up, noisemakers and parties. The activities surrounding Purim are not unlike Halloween with costumes and carnival fare. We had much Purim fun this weekend since Sophie’s preschool went all out celebrating. Sophie was so cute as she’d tell me […]

Struggles in Parenthood

You know the days when you feel like you really suck at parenting? Even though you know you’re a good mom or dad, you just feel like (today) you should not be a parent. Today was one of those days for me. I knew today would have its challenges. Every third Thursday I attend a […]

Rolled Taco Goodness

I have a confession. I LOVE shredded beef rolled tacos (also known as taquitos). I’m talking about simple shredded beef and corn tortillas. They’re my weakness. When I was pregnant, I craved (and ate) the box of Costco-brand beef taquitos; the same taquitos I sadly stopped eating years ago because of the carb factor. While […]

Father Time is Just Cruel

Despite the name, it’s obvious Father Time hasn’t experienced a time change with a child. Who else would come up with the idea of a time change being a good one? I know time changes have something to do with farmers. But I’m not farmer (and I don’t play one on TV). I’m a parent. […]

Starbucks … It Could be the Dream Job Afterall

I had a conversation with a colleague recently that led me to an epiphany. Said colleague and I were talking about one of my former jobs. Specifically she asked if I’d ever go back to that position. The answer came quicker than I expected, which was, “No. I would NOT go back.” I almost followed […]