Barefoot (Contessa) in the Kitchen

Ina Garten – perhaps better known as the Barefoot Contessa – is a true inspiration to me. She is my cooking muse. I admire her recipes, style, attitude, and just overall love of good, quality food. I love how she makes every mix of a cake, beat of an egg, baking of a chicken look […]

Aztec for Life

I am an Aztec for Life. What’s an Aztec? The Aztec Warrior is the SDSU mascot. San Diego State University is where I work and, in one way or another, have spent a majority of my life. The campus celebrates its 113th year this month. To celebrate, the University is sponsoring a video contest in […]

Stopping to Smell the Pine Needles

One of the hardest lessons I’ve learned in my mere two years as a mother is to not obsess over trivial things and, instead, enjoy the simple moments in life. Of course, this is no easy lesson to learn. And I’ve had a few set-backs here and there. But I’ve discovered that when one needs […]

Making a Difference – One Book at a Time

I’ve written about my family’s love of books before. So naturally, I am thrilled that our family is lucky enough to participate in a program called the PJ Library. Implemented by the local Jewish Community Center, the PJ (stands for pajamas) Library is an amazing national program that sends Jewish children a book or CD […]

What’s Wrong With One?

There’s something about parenthood that brings out the nosiest and crazy in some people. From the moment you become pregnant, the personal questions begin that are full of judgment if you answer “incorrectly” according to the inquirer’s beliefs. Will you deliver naturally? Or will you use an epidural? Will you bottle-feed or breast feed? Will […]