The Summer Bucket List 2016

It’s officially summer around these parts. Sophie’s been out of school about a week now. It was definitely a bittersweet, milestone last day of school. We said goodbye to the school community I’ve come to love over the last three years. I feel so fortunate Sophie had such a great start to her elementary school […]

Packing a House, Enjoying the Moments and Making New Memories

The last several weeks have been spent going through my entire house — deciding what stays and what goes — in preparation for our upcoming move to Indiana. I’ve been sorting, purging and filling the trash can with fervor each week. The recycle bin is overflowing, and I’m as excited for the weekly garbage day […]

Monday Musings ~ June 20

Happy Monday! We’re well into the month of June and I’ve been consumed with work, end of Sophie’s school activities (TWO. MORE. DAYS OF SCHOOL!), and sorting/purging/packing our house in preparation for the move to Indiana. 1. Speaking of sorting, going through everything in my own office was tough. It was harder than any other […]

Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

In the fall of 1992, I was a senior in high school and the nation was consumed with a presidential election unlike any before. This was the year that featured an established sitting president (George H.W. Bush), a rogue third-party  candidate (H. Ross Perot), and a young Baby Boomer named Bill Clinton and his wife, […]