“I Heart Summer” Tag Questions Answered and a Video for Fun

One of the things I love about blogging is meeting some truly awesome people. I have met many fellow bloggers that live in San Diego (one literally right down the street!), and those in other cities and states. Many of these wonderful people have become good friends to me “in real life.” Two of these […]

Goodbye School … Hello Summer Bucket List

Someone told me that as we (adults) get older, time passes by so much quicker. When I was young and when Sophie was a toddler, I always thought of time as a slow process with the days and months inching by. But now that I have a daughter who is actively experiencing life and going […]

The Many Faces of Facebook Users

Facebook — People either love it or think it’s the spawn of the devil. I love using Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, or seeing what my people and their kiddos are doing. (The first and last day of school photos get me every year.) And as an introvert, I especially like that […]