The Awkward Days of High School (or were they?)

Next year will be my milestone high school reunion. It will be 20 years since I was an awkward teenager graduating with the Class of 1993. Quite honestly, I’m probably still awkward. But it’s now been 19 years and I’ve at least mastered the art of being awkward (I think). It’s strange to think back […]

The Summer List

We are now officially on summer break! This is the first summer I’ve had since my high school years where I don’t have to work in an office and be gone every summer day. Don’t get me wrong — I’m still working everyday. But I am SO excited to enjoy the summer days like never […]

A Slice of Apple Pie with a Scoop of Inspiration

When I published Wordless Wednesday: Animals, Outdoors and Pie last month, I included some photos of meeting Beth Howard, author of Making Piece: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Pie. Since that post, many of you asked more about Beth, her pie bus, and whether I made her famous apple pie. So for all of you […]

Eating the (Colorful) Hungry Caterpillar

Yesterday was Sophie’s last day of school. I can hardly believe another school year has gone by! Sophie and I wanted to make a “last week of school” treat for her class. After seeing this amazing photo last fall on Pinterst, I knew I wanted to attempt the very colorful Hungry Caterpillar cupcake cake sometime soon. […]

It’s Pumpkin Planting Time Again!

It’s that time of the year — time to plant pumpkins! Not only is June the start of summer, it’s also the ideal time to plant pumpkin seeds for a bountiful fall pumpkin patch. You may recall our first attempt at pumpkin growing last year, when we received our pumpkin seeds from Farmer Bill at City […]