Finding Writing Support – Online and In-Person

A few months ago I discovered She Writes, an online community full of women (and some men) writers. In just the few months I’ve been engaged in that platform, I’ve met some terrific bloggers from throughout the world … and in my own backyard! If you’re not familiar with She Writes, be sure to visit […]

Get Patriotic with 4th of July Desserts

Most of this blog post was originally published last year. But since it includes such great 4th of July dessert ideas, I thought I’d re-post it so you can get your patriotic treats ready for Independence Day. But before I do, I want to give a big shout-out to Tootsie for making patriotic candy! You’ll […]

Inspiration in Nature for Writing

I live in Southern California where the weather is nice about 90 percent of the year (tough life; I know). During the months of March and April, however, we were hit with rain and some hail, followed by beautiful, bright sunny mornings. It was on one of these days that I made a discovery in […]

I See Nursery Rhymes … They’re Everywhere

One book Sophie enjoys reading each night is a compilation of classic nursery rhymes. Reading these rhymes has been an eye-opening experience. For one, I never before realized what a bad parent Old Mother Hubbard really was (giving her kids broth without bread before whipping them!). But aside from my need to censor a few […]

Getting Creative: Butterfly Wall Art

Sophie and I undertook an ambitious and beautiful craft project during our “staycation” last week. Inspired by Meg at Whatever, we decided to create butterfly wall art. This was a really fun project and was not as daunting as it looked. We bought painting canvases at Michael’s (probably any craft or art supply store will […]

Procrastination, Dog Food and Gas Tanks

What is it about certain tasks that make us always procrastinate? Why do we avoid some of the most mundane – yet necessary – tasks? And by putting these things off, what are we hoping to gain? In my case, I’m talking about buying dog food and filling up the gas tank. I seem to put off […]

Strawberry Fields Forever

Sophie, Bryan and I went berry picking at the Carlsbad Strawberry Fields. The fields seem to go on forever (you can almost hear The Beatles song in the background); and the fact that they’re full of juicy red strawberries is just amazing to me. Armed with a small bucket, we made our way to the […]

Writing Workshop Tips and Takeaways

So there I was on a beautiful spring Sunday morning. Armed with my coffee, writer’s notebook and pen; ready to be inspired and write. I was on my way to a writing workshop taught by author Judy Reeves at San Diego Writer, Ink. While I have been writing for most of my life, this was […]

“I Want Books With Letters In Them”

Just when I think Sophie has done everything to amuse me, she goes off and does something else. This time it has to do with book preferences. Sophie is an avid reader and loves going to bookstores with Bryan and me. This shouldn’t surprise anyone since she’s the offspring of two book nerds whose idea […]