Farewell to Furloughs

Today marks the end of a year of furloughs for me and Bryan! As state employees, we were put on mandated furloughs in August of last year. This was the California State University system’s attempt to make budget cuts in personnel without going into layoffs. As a result, we had two unpaid days off per […]

Motherhood and the States of Flux

Everyone says that becoming a parent – in my case, a mother – completely changes your life. That once a baby enters your world, everything is different. This realization of change came in waives for me – the first waive soon after Sophie was born and the second waive just a few months ago. And […]

A Doorway to My World

I seem to have a fascination with doors. Maybe it’s the fact that doors are an entrance to one’s home, and as such, one’s inner sanctum and refuge. A home – and what lies in it – is the ultimate symbol of who you are. Or perhaps doors have deeper meaning, symbolized by the quote […]

A Big Girl Now

This week Sophie hit a BIG milestone in her journey beyond toddler-hood. She decided once-and-for-all that she will use the potty. I never thought I’d be saying this about potty training a child, but it was an amazing thing to witness. I never pushed potty training. I subscribe to the school of thought that children […]

A Day in the Life

While this is the title of a Beatles song, music is not what this post is about. As I was driving into work this morning, I began thinking about my daily routine. Thus this post – a day in the life of Leah – was born. As you’ll see, my life is not too exciting. Yet I’m […]

CSA, Farmer’s Markets and Food Stamps … Oh My!

Lately I’ve been obsessed with buying fresh local produce. I guess there are worse thing I could be spending my money on. Fruits and vegetables are not my foods of choice. I eat vegetables regularly, but I could easily live on dairy and carbs. Unless it’s in the form of a smoothie, I generally don’t […]

Time to Honor the Things That Matter

I love this photo. The hands are mine, and I’m holding a pocket watch that belonged to my Grandpa Harry. I didn’t know Grandpa Harry well. He and my Grandmother lived in Connecticut and he passed away before I was a teenager. I am a big fan Peter Walsh, the organization guru made famous by […]

Splash Into Summer, Part 2 – Summers of the Present

When I think of summer now, I’m sitting in my family room in the early evenings wearing my loose gray casual crop pants and a comfortable t-shirt. No slippers or socks. The overhead fan is spinning and the windows are open. There’s enough of a breeze so the air is not stagnant. But it’s warm […]

Splash Into Summer, Part I – Summers of the Past

I know summer doesn’t technically start until June 21. But Memorial Day Weekend is the traditional start of summer. And since this weekend was warm enough here in San Diego to wear a sleeveless shirt today, I’m declaring summer now in full swing. In fact, I’ve already hung my “Welcome to the Lazy Flip Flop […]