My Favorite Things … and What’s Up With THAT?

This is a completely random post. Lately it seems there are so many things that I either find myself loving, or being completely baffled by. I always think I should write about all these items. But really, if I wrote about everything I now love or don’t get, I’d have short posts and a boring […]

Creativity and En-lightenment with Ziva Art

I had a unique lesson in creativity recently when I participated in a Ziva Creation Workshop. What is a Ziva Creation workshop, you ask? Good question! The word ziva literally means “light, ” “bright and radiant” in Hebrew. As a piece of art, a ziva is a 3-dimensional work that is created using an array […]

What I Learned from a 4am Freak-Out

Have you ever had those middle of the night freak-outs? You know, when you wake up (usually in the wee small hours of the morning) thinking about a troubling situation or a work problem. And you’re absolutely panicked about this issue? I found myself in that situation recently. I woke up at 4 am on July […]

Simple Summer Salad

There are two things I’m loving right now: summer and the weekly Farmer’s Market bags I get from Specialty Produce. Today’s post is a combination of those two things with a recipe for you. Specialty Produce is a wholesale distributor of produce in San Diego. One reason they are well known is because of their […]