Monday Musings ~ January 25

Happy Monday! 1. The photo is intended to illustrate that I’m keeping up with one of my 2016 goals of working on my novel. I’m going into week three of a novel-writing class with Amy Wallen. The curriculum includes bringing in eight pages of my novel for read-and-critique, and the end goal is writing the […]

The Day the Apple Computer Changed My Life

“Mom, who exactly is Steve Jobs?” Sophie asked as we were watching the Golden Globe Awards. “He’s the man who invented Apple, ” I said. “All the computers, the iPhone, iPad … Steve Jobs came up with the first Apple computer and everything else followed.” This month marks 33 years since the Apple IIe home […]

On Resolutions and Goals for 2016

I’m not big on resolutions (or “revolutions, ” as Sophie thought they were called). If I want to do something, I’m the type that decides and simply does it. That being said, the thought of a clean slate to begin anew pleases me. And often times, a new year can bring about that feeling. I […]

Monday Musings ~ January 4, 2016

Happy New Year! Here are a few thoughts as we start 2016. 1. How was your holidays and new year? Ours was fairly low-key and I stayed off the grid quite a bit. I expected to ring in 2016 with energy and enthusiasm. I have enthusiasm, but it’s tempered by the fact that I’m down […]