The Rewards of Choosing Quality Time

Today was a lesson in quality time, another family milestone, and accomplishments. Let me start by explaining the genesis of today. San Diego has had very unusual weather this past week (well, unusual for us). Pouring rain, thunder, hail, crazy strong winds, tornado warnings, power outages – and that was before Friday! We San Diegans […]

Once-A-Month Cooking: Update

Thought I’d write a quick update on how the Once-A-Month dinners have turned out. I’ve been pretty impressed – tasty food, super quick to make, unique tastes, and husband and toddler loves them too. Before this endeavor, I was a once-a-month frequent flyer at Dream Dinners. Now I love Dream Dinners, but it may be […]

Milestones (Graduating to a Toddler Bed)

This weekend, we made the inevitable switch from crib to toddler bed. I knew the day would arrive sooner rather than later. And it arrived this weekend, along with the bittersweet reality that my baby is growing up. We had no intentions of changing her sleeping arrangements any time soon, let alone this weekend. Sophie […]

The Future of Bookstores

A blogger from Vermont wrote a somber piece entitled RIP, Waldenbooks. Another small bookstore closed its doors. Remember the days where the “big” chain stores were Waldenbooks, B. Dalton and Bookstar? Now those stores are owned by Borders (Walden) and Barnes & Noble (B. Dalton and Bookstar). And nearly all of us have bought books […]

My Foray Into Once-A-Month Cooking

My venture into Once-A-Month Cooking began this month. My friend and fellow blogger turned me onto this idea, which is from a book entitled Once-A-Month Cooking: Family Favorites. Essentially this book instructs you how to create 30 healthy, homemade meals for your family in one day. If 30 meals are too much, the book also […]

New Years Goal for 2010: What’s Next?

If you read the previous post (New Year’s Goal for 2009: The Results), you know that I’m not wild about New Years resolutions. But like last year, I have two goals for 2010 that I’ll share as my “resolutions.” Goal # 1 My first goal involves simplicity – living with less stuff and using the […]

New Year’s Goal for 2009: The Results

I’m not wild about New Year’s resolutions. I’m the type of person who decides to do something and then does it, no matter what time of year it is. So being forced to come up with goals and plans for the year ahead goes against my nature. But I did have two goals that began […]