Summer Time

Today is Memorial Day: the traditional kick-off of summer. So with that, and only four days of school remaining, here’s what our summer looks like. What will you be doing this summer?

Splash Into Summer, Part 2 – Summers of the Present

When I think of summer now, I’m sitting in my family room in the early evenings wearing my loose gray casual crop pants and a comfortable t-shirt. No slippers or socks. The overhead fan is spinning and the windows are open. There’s enough of a breeze so the air is not stagnant. But it’s warm […]

Splash Into Summer, Part I – Summers of the Past

I know summer doesn’t technically start until June 21. But Memorial Day Weekend is the traditional start of summer. And since this weekend was warm enough here in San Diego to wear a sleeveless shirt today, I’m declaring summer now in full swing. In fact, I’ve already hung my “Welcome to the Lazy Flip Flop […]