Monday Musings ~ February 29

It’s Monday. And Leap Day! 1. It was a banner weekend for us, seeing two movies before the Academy Awards aired: Spotlight and Steve Jobs. I loved Spotlight and was thrilled it won Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay. I remember reading about the the scandal back in 2002 when the story broke in The […]

Let’s Go to the Movies

The first time I watched the Academy Awards was 1984 and Terms of Endearment was nominated for Best Picture. I hadn’t seen any of the movies at the time, but I loved watching the clips, trying to predict the winners and hearing the acceptance speeches. My mom and I always admired all the beautiful dresses […]

Get Writing in 1, 2, 3 Easy Steps

So many of us love to write – or want to start writing on a regular basis – but we never seem to put pen to paper (or keyboard strokes to the computer). While I have been writing for most of my life, it was not until I took a writing class a few years ago […]

From My Bookshelf: Favorite Books About Writing

If you look inside my house, there’s one thing you will consistently see throughout the home: books. This really shouldn’t come as a surprise. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I have a love affair with books, reading and writing. Bryan and I share that trait, and Sophie has become quite the reader […]

Monday Musings ~ February 15

Happy Monday and President’s Day! 1. Did you do anything fun for Valentine’s Day? We don’t really make a big deal about the holiday in our house. Since the day falls within Sophie’s four-day President’s weekend, I slept in, which is really all I ever want on any holiday (or any day, really). I am […]

The Lost Art of the Letter

Sophie and I spent this week prepping the Valentines for today’s class party. In the midst of our work, she casually mentioned to me she wrote a special Valentine for someone in her class. Upon further probing, I found out it is the boy she has a crush on. The Valentine was a sheet of […]

Monday Musings ~ February 8

Happy Monday! 1.February always seems like the shortest month. True, it is the shortest month with only has 28 days (29 this year). But with the President’s Day weekend coming up, it feels like the month is nearly over. And it’s not even Valentine’s Day yet! Speaking of the holiday of love, I may attempt […]

Anne Frank, the Holocaust, History and Heritage: An Evening Conversation With Sophie

Every day at school, Sophie picks out a book from the classroom library. Lately she’s been interested in the “Who Was” biography series for kids. She’s gone through Harry Houdini, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Rosa Parks and several others. The other day she picked up the biography of Anne Frank. “Mom, who was Anne Frank?” […]