You WILL be Productive at Work, Darn It!

Okay everyone, let’s band together and force employees and co-workers to work together under the same roof and subject to the same condition. Because that will force everyone to be productive, and communicate, and get really creative, and make the workplace profit! Right? Well, according to Marissa Mayer of Yahoo!, that’s right. But for so […]

Writer Randy Susan Meyers Strikes a Chord with “The Comfort of Lies”

I met writer Randy Susan Meyers in November 2011 at the San Diego Jewish Book Festival when she was promoting her debut novel, The Murder’s Daughters. I loved the book as much as I loved Randy’s personality. (Go see her if you have the chance — she’s terrific in person!) Since I finished her first book, […]

“Rock Solid” Valentine Craft

Only a few days until Valentine’s Day! Whether it’s Chinese New Year or Valentine’s Day, I always look at holidays as an opportunity to learn, craft or cook with Sophie.This weekend, Sophie and I worked on a very simple Valentine’s Day craft that involved elements of nature and a few craft supplies we had on-hand: […]

Rainbows Hanging in the Wind

You may have noticed I’ve been absent for several weeks. I’m so sorry, my friends. I was SICK! So sick! I got hit with the flu that’s been sweeping the nation, which then turned into a sinus infection and utter exhaustion. Finally after two weeks, I’m feeling somewhat normal. I’m still physically very tired and […]