Looking Back at 2016

When I reflected at the end of 2015, I wrote that the year was defined by new, adventure and non-stop. When I think of 2016, one word comes to mind: change. Change defined this year for us in a big way — moving from San Diego to Indiana. It was scary and exciting, but has […]

Seven Years of Telling My Story. Seven Years of Leah’s Thoughts.

Seven years ago today — on December 21, 2009 — I published my first blog post and Leah’s Thoughts was born. Many call this day the blog-o-versary. I like to think of it as the day I began writing my own story. In many ways, I’ve devoted my life to telling stories. When I was […]

Monday Musings ~ December 12

Happy Monday! How are you this second Monday in December? It snowed in Terre Haute last week. Not a huge amount like other parts of the country is getting, but enough to cover the ground and to see snowflakes. It was pretty exciting considering we’ve never lived in snow before. Everything looks so pretty right […]

Forming Friendships and Baking Cookies

Making new friends is never an easy task. At least it’s never been for me. I’m not talking about building relationships and getting to know others. I’m talking about finding people who truly “get” me, and whom I can really trust. For most of my life, I’ve played my cards close to my chest. It […]