So Many Books…

This is a family of readers and book-lovers. Bryan and I LOVE books! In fact, we’re seriously considering turning one of our spare bedrooms into a library/reading room. At this point, the prospect of more books entering this house is higher than another child. We love perusing the local Borders and Barnes & Noble. Call […]

Opting Out of Dirty Playground Dates

Am I a bad mother? A few weeks ago, I was scheduled to take my daughter to a get-together at the local park.  I was feeling tortured. I know she deserves to go outside to play. But I have so many errands that need to get done – Target, this weeks (and last) groceries, the […]

Starting My Blog

So here I am. Starting my blog. I have been thinking about venturing into this domain for months now, having been inspired by my fellow blogger friends. As well as a way to get back into the world of writing, where I always feel my true roots lie. But what would be the theme? Should […]