Dreidels and Menorahs – Getting Crafty for Hanukkah

Have you noticed it’s November? Where did the year go?! This may sound strange, but I’m already planning Hanukkah activities. That’s right, Hanukkah is early this year. We light the first candle at sundown on Nov. 27, the night before Thanksgiving! I’m not terribly thrilled the Festival of Lights is in November, but it is […]

The Benefits of Boredom

I made a bold move at the start of this summer, which was NOT to fill the entire summer with daily camps and activities for Sophie. I was going to take a chance (on both our sanity) and see what would happen without every minute being scheduled. I was talking with some fellow moms recently […]

“Rock Solid” Valentine Craft

Only a few days until Valentine’s Day! Whether it’s Chinese New Year or Valentine’s Day, I always look at holidays as an opportunity to learn, craft or cook with Sophie.This weekend, Sophie and I worked on a very simple Valentine’s Day craft that involved elements of nature and a few craft supplies we had on-hand: […]

Rainbows Hanging in the Wind

You may have noticed I’ve been absent for several weeks. I’m so sorry, my friends. I was SICK! So sick! I got hit with the flu that’s been sweeping the nation, which then turned into a sinus infection and utter exhaustion. Finally after two weeks, I’m feeling somewhat normal. I’m still physically very tired and […]

Crayon Art (aka Back-to-School Craft Project)

Sophie and I have been working through our summer list with only two and a half short weeks left until school starts. Last week we decided to work on a craft project that involved a canvas, crayons, glue and a hairdryer. If you’ve been on Pinterest, you may have seen this project before. It’s essentially […]

Tips for Making Your Passover a Kid-Friendly Holiday

I wrote this post for Red Tricycle. It was published this past Monday, April 2.  The Jewish holiday of Passover (or Pesach) can be one of the most kid-friendly Jewish holidays of the year. There are many ways to get the young ones involved in the seder and still have a meaningful celebration for adults. This […]

The House That Sugar Built

I finally saw Moneyball this week and it lived up to everything I hoped it would. This Aaron Sorkin-scribed baseball movie was amazing! However despite today’s title referencing baseball history, this post is not about sports in the slightest. Today’s post is all about the gingerbread house that Bryan, Sophie and I decorated. Gingerbread, icing […]

The Joy of Pine Cones

It was one of those beautiful San Diego fall/winter days, where the sun was shining brightly and the air was crisp, cool, and the wind blowing overhead. Sophie and I decided to enjoy the day by going on a hunt for pine cones. There are several towering pine trees lining our streets that lead to […]

Creativity: Paper Lantern Style

Even before our visit to the San Diego Lantern Festival, I was in awe of a “do-it-yourself” gorgeous Asian paper lantern craft I found on Pinterest. My mouth dropped when I spotted this — so beautiful and something Sophie and I would LOVE doing. So we gathered our craft supplies and embarked on this activity […]