Thankful …

Throughout the month of November, I’ve been reading Facebook status updates from friends stating what they are thankful for each day. While I didn’t post daily status updates, I did spend some type over the last few days writing down the things in my life I am grateful for. So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, […]

What NOT to Do When Your Car is Stolen

If I can impart one lesson on you all about what do when your car is stolen – and subsequently recovered – it would be this: DO NOT remove the car from the impound lot. Ever. Let me start at the beginning. My 1998 Honda Civic coupe, my beloved car, was stolen for the second […]

Strawberry Fields Forever

Sophie, Bryan and I went berry picking at the Carlsbad Strawberry Fields. The fields seem to go on forever (you can almost hear The Beatles song in the background); and the fact that they’re full of juicy red strawberries is just amazing to me. Armed with a small bucket, we made our way to the […]

Thumbtacks vs. Nails (Or Marriage and Home Décor)

Everyone has heard the expression, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.” Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that this same sentiment can be said about Bryan (my husband) and my approach to home improvement projects. But with us, it’s more about thumbtacks versus nails. Let me start with my approach. I’m a simple […]

If I Knew Then What I Know Now…

I love that expression. It’s the basis for such great movies. A recent WordPress blog challenge was: What would you tell yourself 10 years ago? I wasn’t going to write on this topic. But then I read a post on Balance Overload and her writing inspired me to think about my own words of wisdom […]

My Idiosyncrasies

The other day, I was staring at my huge pile of clothes on the closet floor and I thought to myself, “Why do I never put my clothes away?” I come home from work; change outfits, and leave the day’s attire in a pile.  What an odd habit! That bit of internal dialogue got me […]

Confessions of Craft Anxiety

I have issues. Mainly with craft projects. And it became abundantly clear to me at Sophie’s Back to School Night. So there we were – Bryan and me – sitting at the little preschool table and chairs where we were instructed to complete craft. All the parents were given a blank sheet of 10” x […]

Apple Picking (Part 1)

We recently made a family trip to Julian, CA to celebrate Bryan’s birthday and for our first apple-picking adventure. For those of you not familiar with Julian, it’s a small mining town in the mountains just outside San Diego. They are famous for their abundant apple orchards. People come from everywhere to visit the little […]