Celebrating a Decade of Blogging

I went in to write my annual “blog-versary” post to commemorate ten years of blogging and it hit me: Not only is this ten years of blogging, but I started this blog on the dawn of a new decade. Ten years ago this week — on December 21, 2009 — I published my first blog […]

Seven Years of Telling My Story. Seven Years of Leah’s Thoughts.

Seven years ago today — on December 21, 2009 — I published my first blog post and Leah’s Thoughts was born. Many call this day the blog-o-versary. I like to think of it as the day I began writing my own story. In many ways, I’ve devoted my life to telling stories. When I was […]

Monday Musings ~ September 12

Happy Monday! 1. The Sycamore Farm barn photo was taken down the street from my house. It reminds me of the children’s board book, The Big Red Barn, by Margaret Wise Brown, which I used to read to Sophie when she was little. She loved that book (still does) and we always had fun trying […]

The Most Popular Blog Posts on Leah’s Thoughts

I recently mentioned that it was four years ago this month that I left my full-time, secure job to start my own business. But the journey to that point — and to where I am now — really began on December 21, 2009 when I published my first blog post on Leah’s Thoughts. It’s hard […]

“I Heart Summer” Tag Questions Answered and a Video for Fun

One of the things I love about blogging is meeting some truly awesome people. I have met many fellow bloggers that live in San Diego (one literally right down the street!), and those in other cities and states. Many of these wonderful people have become good friends to me “in real life.” Two of these […]

Snapshots: Thinking, Reading, Doing, Snapping and Eating (July)

I’m starting a new post for Leah’s Thoughts, which is called — wait for it — “Snapshots: Thinking, Reading, Doing, Snapping and Eating.” My goal with this roundup-esque post is to give you a glimpse of things I’ve been doing, thinking, writing, reading, photographing and eating during the last week. My goal is to post this […]

The “Blogger’s Block” 15 Things About Me

I have Blogger’s Block. This is my own, very technical term meaning I can’t think of anything interesting to write. So instead of beating myself up for not writing a compelling, full-length post, I came up with 15 random things about me that I’m sharing with you today. 1. My middle name is: Rachel 2. Current […]

Baking, Blog-o-versary and a Mocktail to Celebrate!

The last few weeks have been full of sending holiday cards, baking, and trying to finish up work before I take (somewhat of) a vacation next week. As I do every year, I like to bake a variety of cookies for the holidays. This year, I went with some tried-and-true recipes, as well as some […]

I Feel Bad About Nora Ephron

Like so many people, I was saddened to hear the news that writer and director Nora Ephron passed away this week. Not only is her death a loss to the written word, it’s also a loss to women everywhere who aspire to use words to tell stories, make people laugh, and turn dark moments into […]