Summer Loving Happened So Fast!

With Labor Day Weekend upon us and Sophie starting kindergarten on Tuesday, in my mind, summer is officially over. It seems like just yesterday we were creating our Summer List and embarking on a relaxing vacation. While both Sophie and I are ready for a change of pace, we really had a great summer. It was relaxing, […]

The Summer List: How Did We Do?

Since we’re now officially into the fall season, I decided to close out summer and show you the outcome of our 2012 Summer List. Here was our list when school ended in June. As you can see, we didn’t accomplish everything and we made a few adjustments. Overall it was a great summer! Here are […]

Wordless Wednesday: Animals, Outdoors and Pie

The San Diego Zoo … My own personal zoo (where’s MY spot?!) … Meeting author Beth M. Howard on her “World Needs More Pie” book tour. Great book — read it now! (But don’t read it at 11 p.m. because your stomach will growl for pie. I speak from experience.) … Beauty at the San […]

Summer Time

Today is Memorial Day: the traditional kick-off of summer. So with that, and only four days of school remaining, here’s what our summer looks like. What will you be doing this summer?

Beach Outing

You’d think growing up in San Diego, Bryan and I’d be regular beach bums. Not really. There always seem to be too much to do; dread of crowds; sand in the car; the heat and sunscreen. That’s just me. (I know, nice attitude!) We knew Sophie deserved her inaugural trip to the San Diego beach […]

Summer Fun: The List

Can you believe summer ends in only eight short weeks?! Yep, that’s right. In eight week, it will be Labor Day, the traditional end of summer that typically corresponds with back-to-school week. Since we’re half-way done, I thought I’d share our summer fun “to do” list. You can see by the items listed under “Accomplished” […]

Splash Into Summer, Part 2 – Summers of the Present

When I think of summer now, I’m sitting in my family room in the early evenings wearing my loose gray casual crop pants and a comfortable t-shirt. No slippers or socks. The overhead fan is spinning and the windows are open. There’s enough of a breeze so the air is not stagnant. But it’s warm […]