Welcome to 5th Grade

Last week Sophie started fifth grade. Fifth grade. The last year of elementary school. I don’t remember crying when Sophie started kindergarten. Maybe because by that time, she already completed three years of preschool. But for some reason, starting fifth grade was tough for me. I think because it symbolizes the end of an era; the […]

Welcome to 4th Grade

When I sat down to create my annual first day of school photo collage, I realized this was Sophie’s eighth first day of school. While she just started fourth grade, I’ve been documenting her first days since she entered preschool at 2 years old (turning 3)! I love seeing how she’s grown and her changing […]

Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Well, here we are again. Another school year has started and first day photos taken. We’re off to the races for another year of school. Technically, we’ve been racing for the last four weeks since Sophie started third grade at her new school in Indiana on August 9. Yep, August 9! It felt strange and […]

Welcome to 2nd Grade!

Sophie started second grade this week and I’m a bit in shock that I have a such a “grown up” kid! She has a teacher who has high energy, which Sophie will respond well to. She’s known to expect a lot of the kids, which I appreciate. And the kids in the class are a […]

Welcome to 1st Grade!

Sophie started first grade last week. I’m in awe of how much she’s grown, just over the summer months. She stopped sucking her thumb completely (more on that later). She got her ears pierced. She can now read entire books by herself, road signs, and so many words. She is so much more confident at her school […]

The First Day of Kindergarten

We made it to kindergarten! Sophie had a fantastic first day and I managed to not shed any tears. Well, I didn’t shed any tears on the first day, but I was quite emotional the week leading up to yesterday. More than anything, I was just so excited for her to start this new phase […]

Back to School with Fresh Produce Dresses

It’s a BIG week in our house — Sophie starts kindergarten at a new school. Of course, a new school year calls for a few new outfits to mark the occasion. Sophie picked out two Fresh Produce dresses, both of which are super cute! I’ve always loved the comfort of Fresh Produce clothes, but until recently, […]

Back to School for Sophie

Today was Sophie’s first day of school, but this time as a Junior Kindergartener! She’s at the same preschool. But Junior-K means longer days, more structure and independent work. This will be a great transition to next year when my little girl starts kindergarten. The last few weeks have been filled with back-to-school shopping, getting […]

Crayon Art (aka Back-to-School Craft Project)

Sophie and I have been working through our summer list with only two and a half short weeks left until school starts. Last week we decided to work on a craft project that involved a canvas, crayons, glue and a hairdryer. If you’ve been on Pinterest, you may have seen this project before. It’s essentially […]