My Top 100 Favorite Songs and the Power of Music

I recently set out to create a list of my top 100 favorite songs. This was NOT an easy task. At first I thought, “100 songs? I can probably come up with maybe 50.” But as I began filling up the list, my thoughts changed to, “How the heck can I narrow it down to […]

Welcome to 4th Grade

When I sat down to create my annual first day of school photo collage, I realized this was Sophie’s eighth first day of school. While she just started fourth grade, I’ve been documenting her first days since she entered preschool at 2 years old (turning 3)! I love seeing how she’s grown and her changing […]

Painting Rocks and Creating Little Moments That Matter

There’s a line of dialogue from the movie “20th Century Women” that struck me when I first heard it, and continues to stay with me today. Annette Bening says to a friend of her teenage son: “You get to see him out in the world, as a person. I never will.” I think about this […]

Currently I’m … Giving You a “Catch-up on Life” Update

I sat down to write a blog post and realized I haven’t written a post in more than a month. So before I dive into a more traditional post, I wrote a catch-up post on what I’ve been doing lately. Doing … We’ve been enjoying summer and checking off items on the annual summer bucket […]