The RNC and Me

It’s political convention time, ladies and gentlemen! The “magical” events that occur every four years just weeks after the Olympics end. Over the years, I’ve had a hard time bringing myself to watch the convention speeches – too much rhetoric from both parties. Quite honestly, the conventions haven’t been the same for me since I […]

Introducing … Mormon Girl

There is quite a bit of talk in the United States and in media these days about Mormonism. But regardless of where you swing on the political pendulum, this post is not meant to discuss presidential candidates or religious arguments. I am very excited to introduce to you Joanna Brooks, better known in the blog-0-sphere […]

Crayon Art (aka Back-to-School Craft Project)

Sophie and I have been working through our summer list with only two and a half short weeks left until school starts. Last week we decided to work on a craft project that involved a canvas, crayons, glue and a hairdryer. If you’ve been on Pinterest, you may have seen this project before. It’s essentially […]

The Little Italy Farmers’ Market

I love Farmers’ Markets. The fresh produce, pretty flowers and unique handmade crafts just make me happy. And of course, photographing a Farmers’ Market is one of my favorite things to do because all around you is color and life. We recently spent a Saturday browsing, buying, photographing and eating at one of the largest […]

Hope for My Parenting Future

Lately I feel like I’ve really been struggling with my parenting efforts. Maybe Sophie is going through a stage. Maybe I’m going through a stage. Whatever it is, I feel as if things are not the way they should be between us, and every day is a struggle in some way or another. However, so […]