A Change Will Do You Good

I think Cheryl Crow and David Bowie were on to something. Change can be a good thing. And lately, for some reason, I seem to be craving it in a way I never have before. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been reluctant to change things. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not […]

A Garden Afternoon

Sophie had a delightful evening gardening at her Nana’s (aka Bryan’s mom) house. Here are a few highlights from a recent visit in Nana’s garden.

My Attempt at Booking Through Thursday

Booking Through Thursday is a great blog all about books and reading. This blog posts a weekly topic for responses. Last week’s topic was a series of questions about reading habits. Here’s my attempt at Booking Through Thursday. 1. Favorite childhood book? The Nancy Drew series. My mom and I found all the books in […]

The Cats in the Cradle

We have new neighbors! A family of cats living on the side of our house. A few weeks ago, we started seeing a black and gray stripped tabby cat wandering around outside our house. I even saw her cruising around our backyard. I didn’t think much of it, other than she must be a stray […]

One Marriage: Two Checking Accounts and Varrying Bedtime Routines

When my co-workers and I go to lunch every so often, the conversation eventually ends up on an issue related to our spouse or significant other (probably because that’s something we all have in common). I’m always fascinated to learn how similar or different our relationships are from each other. Let me give you an […]

Welcome to the Reading Corner

I felt that Sophie’s playroom needed some pizazz. Something new. And I wanted to use my creative side that’s been in hiding. So while recently driving home from a morning of inspiration during antique shopping with Sophie, I came up with the idea of a Reading Corner. (Not sure why, but I seem to get […]

Is One Really the Lonliest Number?

The debate about having only one child continues. My dad recently gave me a Wall Street Journal article entitled A Dose of Sibling Rivalry: For Only Child Families, New Thinking Pushes Kid-Time, Sharing and Squabbling. This article discusses how parents of only children are finding ways to socialize their sole off-springs in to assure their […]

Saying “I Do” to an Interfaith Wedding

InterfaithFaily.com recently published another one of my pieces, Saying “I Do” to an Interfaith Wedding. The text that follows is the article that appears on their Web site. It was nine years this July when Bryan and I said, “I do.” It was a beautiful wedding. We stood under a chuppah that was adorned with flowers […]

Meeting an American Housewife

Tonight I had the pleasure of meeting Margaret Dilloway at a reading and book-signing of her debut novel, How to be an American Housewife. She read passages of her book and answered questions from a standing-room only crowd tonight at the Barnes & Noble in Grossmont Center here in San Diego. Her novel is wonderful […]