Lessons from Oz: Dreams, Friendship and the Power of “Home”

This week’s writing prompt in one of my Facebook groups featured this photo from “The Wizard of Oz” where Dorothy wakes up from her journey to Oz; realizing it was all a dream. The writing challenge was to imagine yourself in this situation — you wake up tomorrow and find the entire COVID-19 pandemic to […]

Surrendering to a New Normal

I haven’t written about COVID-19, social distancing and quarantine life here on this blog yet. Although I have written some “micro-blog” posts on my Instagram about how it’s affecting me. In many ways, these quarantine days don’t look much different. I’ve always worked from home, so my work structure has not changed. I still make […]

Being Brave Enough to Break My Own Heart

In March 2019, I went to the Power of Narrative conference in Boston with my close friend, Ann marie. She and I had been attending this conference for the last three years together and all year looked forward to those four days together to reconnect, talk, laugh, drink, eat, shop, write and think. But last […]