Scene Around April

Around our garden… Our first sunflower of the season… The reason birds don’t frequent Sophie’s birdhouse… Backyard chalk drawing (in jammies)… Sophie wrote the letters herself. Okay, so she forgot the “H.” Our first trip to Sprinkles Cupcakes. I could not get over the smell of this cupcake! It smelled like a scratch-and-sniff sticker. Look at […]

The Dry Spell of Seasonal Candy

I hate to break it to you, but we’ve reached the end … the end of the holiday candy season. Yes, my friends, we are now in the throws of what I call, “the dry spell of seasonal candy.” Specifically I’m referring to the time frame of mid-April – when the Cadbury mini eggs, jelly […]

Egg Hunting and Basket Looting

I love holidays and seasons. I cannot resist the holiday decor, crafts and fun ways for Sophie to experience the seasons. And the Easter traditions were no exception. A few weekends ago, Sophie participated in the annual egg hunt at So Childish, a wonderful children’s boutique in the San Diego community of South Park. This […]

What is God? — And Other Religious Questions from Children

One of the Web sites I frequent is This online publication provides an abundance of articles and resources for interfaith families, especially ones that are exploring Jewish life. They recently published my  piece, Your Child Asks, What Does It Mean To Be Jewish. The text that follows is the article that appears on their Web site on April […]

Passover: The Celebration of Freedom

Sundown Monday brought the Jewish holiday of Passover, which re-tells the story of Exodus, the Jews enslavement in Egypt and their journey to freedom. It was fun hearing the many Passover songs and stories that Sophie learned at preschool. One memorable moment came a few weeks ago when Bryan and I were at the dinner table and […]

Lemon Cream Pasta

In my quest to eat less meat (and still flavorful dinners), I’d like to introduce you to Lemon Cream Pasta. It’s just as it sounds — lemony and creamy. While this may not be the lowest-fat vegetarian choice, it’s still delicious. And hey, you’re not eating meat. So splurge a little! I adapted this recipe […]

Things You Don’t Want to Hear From Your Child

This post was inspired by Sophie, my muse, and her words that make me laugh, cry and, in this case, cringe. 1. Mommy, I found a sharp knife downstairs. 2. Don’t worry, I’ll clean up the mess. 3. It’s just a little accident. Not a lot of pee. 4. Romeo (the dog) won’t run away because […]

Photographing Three Generations

My mom, Sophie and I enjoyed a family photo shoot from my friend Ron with ZoomShots Photography. Ron is an amazing photographer whose photos range from family (like you’ll see below) to sporting events to San Diego nights. Ron did an amazing job capturing the outdoor beauty, the three of us just hanging out, enjoying […]

The “Feel Good” File for “Feeling Bad” Days

Back in the day when I was a young, unjaded professional and newly starting my career, I received a helpful tip from one of my first supervisors and mentors (Deanna was her name). That suggestion was to create a “Feel Good” file. Here is the genesis of my “Feel Good” file. I received a very […]