2013: The Year in Photos

Thank you for reading Leah’s Thoughts and making 2013 an amazing year! See you in 2014!   

Wordless Wednesday: Animals, Outdoors and Pie

The San Diego Zoo … My own personal zoo (where’s MY spot?!) … Meeting author Beth M. Howard on her “World Needs More Pie” book tour. Great book — read it now! (But don’t read it at 11 p.m. because your stomach will growl for pie. I speak from experience.) … Beauty at the San […]

Do YOU Know What a Javelina Is?

Chances are that unless you live in the Arizona desert, you will answer “no” to the question above. I had no idea there was such thing as a javelina until just recently. And of course, I have Sophie to thank for this enlightenment. Lets start at the beginning. Earlier this spring, Sophie came home from […]

Animal Farm

It’s become quite clear that Bryan and I are paying a mortgage on this house so that four animals can live in it. The number of furry creatures in this house now outnumbers the humans. Yes, we have been overrun by animals. We added Casey the puppy to the mix when it was just Bryan […]