Welcome to the first Monday Musings from Indiana! Here’s a look at some of the beautiful flowers at my new house.

1. Do you know what your favorite go-to candy says about your personality? This article is freakishly spot-on! As a Starburst lover, it says I have very specific preferences and like things a certain way. I favor logic over emotion, and was the type of kid who liked to sort all my Halloween candy, and counted the different varieties. Pretty much sums me up to a T. What candy are you?

2. My new beverage of choice is Bai Bubbles. Have you tried this stuff? It’s not quite soda, but it has some sweetness that LaCroix does not have. Speaking of LaCroix, I read this article and learned why this drink is suddenly everywhere. Did you know LaCroix was all the rage with Midwestern moms and originated in a Wisconsin town? Read the article; it’s fascinating!

3. I have always maintained that Ikea causes relationship problems. I wrote about my own love-hate relationship with the store and loved the episode of “30 Rock” where Liz Lemon hoped to beat the odds of breaking up with her boyfriend while shopping there. Needless to say, I was feeling justified in my feelings about the mega store when I read this article about a psychologist who analyzes the fights couples have in Ikea.

4. I’ve been a terrible reader lately and haven’t read nearly the number of books I typically consume. I did just finish Center of Gravity, which was a great suspense novel. I think the stress of the summer and moving made me want to escape more into television. After my “Breaking Bad” binge-fest, I dove into “The Path” on Hulu (probably because I wasn’t ready to say good bye to Aaron Paul). I’m now watching “Better Call Saul” and “True Detective.” “The Night Of” is next (because we finally got HBO).

5. Finally, and on a totally random note, I bought this bag of tropical fruit mix and found myself picking out only the dried pineapple and papaya. So now I have a large bag of mostly dates and banana chips, and I’m mad I spent money to basically pick through dried fruit.

What’s going on in your life? What are you watching, reading and thinking about?

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  1. So my favorite is dark chocolate, which apparently means I have “refined tastes” and “enjoy things slowly without overindulging.” Hmmm… I’ll take it!

  2. I’ve been a terrible reader lately, too… it’s been forever since I’ve found a book I truly love and it’s been hard for me to get into any. I’m finally reading fiction craft books to try and jostle my creativity. Nice to see your new home is still your old home…the web that is 🙂

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