5 Ways to Overcome Common Writing Obstacles

When I talk to prospective writers and teach writing classes, one of the most common things I hear from people is how much they want to write, but “something” is holding them back. That “something” is always an obstacle that creates a mental block that keeps them from getting the ideas on the page. The […]

7 Strategies to Find Your Writing Tribe in a New City

When you make your living as a freelance writer, it’s important to know where you can find fellow writers in your community. Whether you want to network with like-minded individuals or enjoy brainstorming and sharing ideas with others who know your craft, finding a local writing tribe can be instrumental in professional success. I’ve been […]

On Journalists, Writing and the Movies That Inspire Me to Tell Stories

I knew I wanted to be a writer and journalist from a young age. In elementary school, I wrote fictional stories. At age 12, I wrote and produced a monthly newsletter that I mailed to pen pals and subscribers across the country (in the days way before the internet). In high school, I chose journalism […]

5 Tips to Become an Editor’s Go-To Writer

It’s a fact: editors need writers to do our jobs. We work with so many of them each day to help us fill our respective publications with quality content that will appeal to readers and audience members.As editor for the Red Tricycle Spoke Contributor Network — a large national parenting site — I probably read […]

Seven Years of Telling My Story. Seven Years of Leah’s Thoughts.

Seven years ago today — on December 21, 2009 — I published my first blog post and Leah’s Thoughts was born. Many call this day the blog-o-versary. I like to think of it as the day I began writing my own story. In many ways, I’ve devoted my life to telling stories. When I was […]

Are YOU an Author in Progress?

Back in January I told you one of my goals for 2016 is to work on my novel. I achieved this to some extent. I took a class and have the first and last chapters written. I also have several scenes sketched out and different pieces written here and there. But the reality is this: […]

How Writing, Pitching and Publishing Will Grow Your Business

Whether you’re building your business, launching a product or pursuing a creative endeavor, writing is an inexpensive and effective way to create enormous opportunity. So many people don’t realize that with consistent and focused effort, writing a few articles and publishing them on sites beyond a personal blog will go a long way in helping […]