Forming Friendships and Baking Cookies

Making new friends is never an easy task. At least it’s never been for me. I’m not talking about building relationships and getting to know others. I’m talking about finding people who truly “get” me, and whom I can really trust. For most of my life, I’ve played my cards close to my chest. It […]

The Covered Bridge Capitol of the World

When we first moved to Terre Haute, there was one sentence that nearly EVERY person I met said to me. In fact, I had four different people utter this exact statement within a two hour period. That sentence was this: You HAVE to go to the Covered Bridge Festival! I soon came to find out […]

How to Road Trip With Dogs and Cats

I’m no dog whisperer. And I’m certainly not a cat queen. But I learned a thing or two this summer that I hadn’t set out to master. And that was how to drive across the country with two dogs and a cat. As many of you know, we moved from San Diego to Terre Haute […]

Welcome to Indiana

It’s been about a month since I posted here. And in that time, I packed my entire house, said good bye to friends and family, wrapped up (and started new) work projects, watched movers pack everything I own into a Bekins truck, stuffed two cars full of belongings, a kid, two dogs and a cat, […]

Packing a House, Enjoying the Moments and Making New Memories

The last several weeks have been spent going through my entire house — deciding what stays and what goes — in preparation for our upcoming move to Indiana. I’ve been sorting, purging and filling the trash can with fervor each week. The recycle bin is overflowing, and I’m as excited for the weekly garbage day […]

Daring to Imagine a Different Life

In You’ve Got Mail, Kathleen Kelly makes the difficult decision to close her beloved The Shop Around the Corner children’s bookstore. It’s a decision that, she notes, was not an easy one as the shop was such a large part of her life since she was a young girl. When she tells the older and […]