Election Thoughts: Choosing Hope, Not Hate

I think we can ALL agree this week has been a whirlwind of emotion and chaos. It certainly has for me. I spent the better part of Wednesday and Thursday in tears, feeling as if I was mourning a loss. I had not been that upset about the state of our country since September 11. […]

Religion, Politics and the Great Pumpkin

Recently Sophie came home from school and asked me an odd question. “Mom, is it true Hillary Clinton killed four people?” I asked her where she heard this statement. I mean, it’s not as if Sophie is a frequent viewer of Fox News or CNN, nor does she spend time perusing the Internet for news. […]

Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Well, here we are again. Another school year has started and first day photos taken. We’re off to the races for another year of school. Technically, we’ve been racing for the last four weeks since Sophie started third grade at her new school in Indiana on August 9. Yep, August 9! It felt strange and […]

Packing a House, Enjoying the Moments and Making New Memories

The last several weeks have been spent going through my entire house — deciding what stays and what goes — in preparation for our upcoming move to Indiana. I’ve been sorting, purging and filling the trash can with fervor each week. The recycle bin is overflowing, and I’m as excited for the weekly garbage day […]

How the Wrong Change Led to a Moment of Childhood Wonder

Every Friday, Sophie’s school sells cups of frozen yogurt for $2.50 when the afternoon bell rings. Last Friday (and like every week before), Sophie wanted to buy herself a frozen yogurt. She pulled $3 out of her backpack and ran off to purchase her cookies and cream treat. She returned from the purchase looking ecstatic […]

Confessions of a Nail Biter

My name is Leah, and I bite my nails. Yes, that’s right. I’m a nail biter. I’m not proud of this habit. I’ve been doing this since I was a kid and I want to stop. How does one become a nail biter? Did I one day decided I needed an oral fixation and decided […]

The Lost Art of the Letter

Sophie and I spent this week prepping the Valentines for today’s class party. In the midst of our work, she casually mentioned to me she wrote a special Valentine for someone in her class. Upon further probing, I found out it is the boy she has a crush on. The Valentine was a sheet of […]

Anne Frank, the Holocaust, History and Heritage: An Evening Conversation With Sophie

Every day at school, Sophie picks out a book from the classroom library. Lately she’s been interested in the “Who Was” biography series for kids. She’s gone through Harry Houdini, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Rosa Parks and several others. The other day she picked up the biography of Anne Frank. “Mom, who was Anne Frank?” […]

Making Sense of the World and How I Can Have an Impact

The world feels like it’s in utter chaos lately. Paris, shootings, Beirut, bomb threats, dictators, ISIS, refugee crises, and presidential politics … I find myself going through each day feeling helpless and confused. These are not feelings I passionately share on Facebook, nor have I written about them here on my blog. But the truth […]