A Yom Kippur Reflection: Forgiving Myself

In March 2019, I attended the Power of Narrative conference in Boston with my close friend, Ann marie. The time spent with her was not only wonderful for our friendship and for inspiring our writing, but the days served as a turning point for me. I spent the majority of that time talking to Ann […]

Buying My “First” House and Living “Alone” at Age 44

Other than my college dormitory rooms, I never lived alone; by myself. And one could argue that despite the fact I had my own dorm room, living in the residence halls is hardly living alone. My senior year of college, I shared an apartment close to the San Diego State campus with Heather. For two […]

Reasons, Seasons and Lifetimes of Relationships

When I was in my early 20s, I had a friend named Karen (name changed). We got along so well because we had tons of similar interests; she was hilarious, made me laugh and was never boring. We could hang out for days in a row and never get tired of each other. Friendship with […]

Lessons from Oz: Dreams, Friendship and the Power of “Home”

This week’s writing prompt in one of my Facebook groups featured this photo from “The Wizard of Oz” where Dorothy wakes up from her journey to Oz; realizing it was all a dream. The writing challenge was to imagine yourself in this situation — you wake up tomorrow and find the entire COVID-19 pandemic to […]

Being Brave Enough to Break My Own Heart

In March 2019, I went to the Power of Narrative conference in Boston with my close friend, Ann marie. She and I had been attending this conference for the last three years together and all year looked forward to those four days together to reconnect, talk, laugh, drink, eat, shop, write and think. But last […]

A New Year, Casting Away the Past and Towards New Beginnings

It probably comes as no surprise to any regular reader of this blog that I love the season of autumn. Leaves changing colors and falling to cover the ground, new school year, weather turning crisp and cooler, apples, pumpkins, Halloween, Thanksgiving, boots and sweaters … I love them all! But there’s another reason fall is […]

Three Years in Indiana Yielded “A Harvest of Friends”

When I was a kid, my favorite television show was “Little House on the Prairie.” And I admit that I still love catching an episode now and then when I find it on cable. Not long ago, I found myself thinking about the second episode of the series, which was called “A Harvest of Friends.” […]

Forming Friendships and Baking Cookies

Making new friends is never an easy task. At least it’s never been for me. I’m not talking about building relationships and getting to know others. I’m talking about finding people who truly “get” me, and whom I can really trust. For most of my life, I’ve played my cards close to my chest. It […]

What Does Your Wife Think About That? ~ An Ode to 13 Years of Marriage

A question that Bryan often hears people is: “What does your wife think about …?” The question usually refers to his jokes, sense of humor, corny puns, and the like. We’re always surprised at the question because it implies that I disapprove of something he’s doing or saying. Today — on our 13th wedding anniversary — I’m setting […]